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Volume 0.7 L
ABV % 51.2
Ron Malecon Rare Proof 17 Jahre GB

Ron Malecon Rare Proof 17 Jahre GB

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The Malecon Rare Proof Aged 17 Years is a limited edition small batch rum from 2002 and was bottled at a high alcohol strength to tease out the ultimate flavor from the rum. It’s a taste experience almost like tasting straight from the barrel in Panama.

The Malecon Rare Proof range is truly not for beginners. This rum was made for those who, with the support of a high alcohol level, want to tickle the ultimate flavor out of a rum. Looking for a challenge and a great flavor experience? You want a rum in a glass that tastes almost like it does on site in Panama, straight from the barrel? Congratulations – the Malecon Rare Proof range was created for you.

Alcohol is an important flavor supplier, and when paired with proper aging and the perfect barrels, a high alcohol level can tease wonderful flavors out of the distillate. Brand owner Marco Savio has worked with experts to create three special bottlings. For Malecon Rare Proof Aged 17 Years, the best barrels from the 2002 vintage were selected and blended together. This small, limited batch – also called Small Batch – was then adjusted to the perfect alcohol strength in several rounds of tasting. At a particularly powerful alcohol strength of 51.2%, the full-bodied Malecon Rare Proof Aged 17 Years proved to be a complex beast. This “rare” alcohol strength – hence the name “Rare Proof” – tickles a veritable fireworks of aromas out of the 17-year-old rum. It is a delight!

Malecon Rare Proof Aged 17 Years is a terrific rum for advanced drinkers. The powerful 51.2% literally explodes on the tongue and provides a fireworks of aromas on the palate.
Intensely spicy aromas, caramel, raisins, chocolate and nuts develop. The typical fruity notes of Malecon are pushed to the extreme here by the strength without the alcohol slaying the flavor. The finish is very spicy and intense. Who would like to try a rum directly from the barrel, comes with this strictly limited bottling of this experience already very close.

Very exciting in the tasting is also the reduction of the rum with a few drops of water, as is known with single malt whiskey barrel strengths. This rum invites experimentation and is more original than almost any other rum.

Nose: spices, chocolate, raisins, nuts.
Taste: caramel, dried fruit, spices, vanilla, oak notes.

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Volume 0.7 L
ABV % 51.2