elit Martini Masters 2022

elit Martini Masters 22 Competition Launches Bottle

ELIT Vodka is on a quest to discover the future of the Martini and they are looking for their next Martini Master. 

As a 10 time platinum award winning vodka and advocate of social responsibility, ELIT wants to pair with the best bartenders in the industry to bring the perfect sustainable martini to life. Consumers nowadays are ever more conscious of the environmental impact of the brands they choose.
ELIT Vodka is proud to lead the sustainability agenda amongst luxury spirits brands by inspiring bartenders to rethink the martini in an eco-conscious way.

This is a chance to enter and demonstrate exceptional technique and creativity whilst supporting the environment.

While there can be only one winner, everyone will leave the competition with unforgettable drinks experiences and memories.

The bartending calibre throughout the ELIT Martini Masters experience will demonstrate how the knowledge of quality spirits, the pedigree of ingredients and the pioneering of drinks-making techniques are cultivating next-level creativity, impacting the drinks industry globally.

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