Badel 1862 – Croatian variety

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With September 2022 we have taken over the Austrian distribution and marketing of the brands of the Croatian manufacturer BADEL 1862.

In addition to Pelinkovac Gorki and Orange, as well as Antique Pelinkovac, Amber Beverage Austria GmbH will take over the distribution and marketing of the brands Badel Šljivovica, Prima Brand and Kruskovac with immediate effect. With many years of sales expertise and know-how in addressing customers, Amber Beverage GmbH intends to further strengthen the growth of the Croatian brand power.

Markus Panzl, Managing Director of Amber Beverage Austria: “Badel 1862 is one of the most important and successful spirits and wine companies in Croatia and the Adriatic region. The number of Croatian citizens in Austria is not to be underestimated and is constantly increasing. These, but also the increasing number of Austrians who spend their vacations in Croatia find more and more enthusiasm for the typical Croatian spirits of Badel. Whether Pelinkovac, Šljivovica, Prima Brand, the wedding liqueur Kruskovac or the wine assortment, we believe in a successful and fast growing future in Austria with all these products. We are already starting extensive activations on the domestic market, continuing the Badel success story in Austria.”

Darko Knez, CEO of Badel 1862 and Meteor Group, said, “We are very pleased to have agreed on a cooperation with Amber Beverage Austria for the Austrian market. We believe that with the new partner Amber Beverage we can further strengthen the market positions of Badel Pelinkovac and Badel Stara Šljivovica as well as our excellent and unique herbal liqueur Antique Pelinkovac. Last year, our premium herbal liqueur Antique was highlighted as one of the most interesting liqueurs in the world by USA Today after the Bar Convent Brooklyn trade fair, and therefore I am convinced that the number of Austrian consumers who will discover its uniqueness will grow steadily.”

Badel’s most successful product is Pelinkovac Gorki, which is the best-selling, best-known herbal liqueur in Croatia. The authentic and unique liqueur has been around for a century and a half now and is very popular as a souvenir, among other things.

This is also available as Pelinkovac Orange, which is also very popular with women due to its sweet orange aroma. Truly unique and the oldest secret recipe from 40 natural herbs is Antique Pelinkovac, which not only surprises with its smooth, pleasant taste, but also its high-ranking awards confirm that this is a top-class product.

Šljivovica, Prima Brand and Kruskovac also impress with their quality and cult status in the Adriatic region. But not only the range of spirits is convincing, also the diverse range of wines from the Croatian vineyards speaks for quality and excellent taste.

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