Coppa Cocktails – JUST ADD ICE!

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Celebrate life, love and friends with Coppa Cocktails!

With the beginning of 2023, we were allowed to include the RTD cocktail brand “Coppa Cocktails” in our range and meet with the 0.7 Lt. cocktails – ready mixed from the bottle – exactly the spirit of the times!

With these drinks we guarantee for every bar, club, restaurant, at home or on the road

  • constant quality
  • zero waste
  • natural ingredients (vegan & gluten free)
  • High Speed preparation (no bartending skills required)
  • cost saving
  • a fantastic summer
  • outstanding taste

With the varieties Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada and Long Island Ice Tea, we are just starting, constantly expanding the range and thus have a multiple award-winning range that not only tastes but also visually makes a difference.

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